Special Education Needs

We offer direct advice and support to schools/settings in order to manage pupils with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities from pre-school to post 16.

We can now offer:

School Improvement and Consultation

    A detailed SEN audit using our SEN summary tool including the schools own data.

    Pre and post Ofsted advice and support around special and additional learning needs.

    ‘Consultation Clinics’ for teachers, teaching assistants, SENCos, SLT, parents, governors.

    Advice on appropriate tracking and monitoring processes and procedures for specific groups of pupils.

    Targeted action planning with SLT post Ofsted including project development for vulnerable groups to raise attainment.

Individual casework support

As part of the assessment process the learning support service can offer the following as part of casework support:

    Individual assessments including use of screening and diagnostic testing materials.

    Full individual diagnostic dyslexia assessments.

    Analysis of pupil’s needs, full assessment report and feedback to all parties including parents.

    Detailed advice on teaching programmes, strategies and approaches.

    Monitoring delivery and impact of the programme and providing support for the TA.

    Support and advice on tracking and monitoring pupil progress over time.

    Liaison with other outside agencies.

    Assessment and testing of pupil eligible for access arrangements with reporting guidance for the School.

Examination Officer

    Focused classroom observation followed by specific advice and support for Quality First Teaching.

Training - individual or cluster

    Our prestigious termly SENCo update which has been well-attended by SENCos for over ten years disseminates statutory duties, key new initiatives and supports strategic development.

    Empowering schools/settings with Entrust’s Dyslexia Friendly Package of whole school improvement accredited by the British Dyslexia Association.

    Bespoke school-based INSET on national and local statutory guidance.

    SEN governor training.

    Dyslexia workshops.

    ‘Welcome to New SENCo’.

    NQT support.

    A select range of staff meetings to support teaching and learning from our ‘super six’ offer.

    Provision, advice and modelling of appropriate teaching programmes for pupils with dyslexia and/or other learning needs.

Bespoke support and intervention programmes can be agreed to meet the needs of individual schools. For bookings and further details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.