Challenge Advisors

Member schools can access our team of challenge advisors.

The team of challenge advisors include a range of professionals such as ex HMI inspectors, National Leaders of Education, Head Teachers and School Improvement Advisors.

The role of the challenge advisor involves the following:

    To provide robust, constructive challenge and effective support of high quality that will help the Head Teacher and the Local Governing Body(LGB) in their work to drive improvement.

    To act as a catalyst for change to secure better outcomes for all learners and provide access to innovative practice.

    To add value to school improvement and contribute to maintaining and raising standards in the school.

    Assist the Head Teacher by providing an external perspective and accurate evaluation of the school’s own analysis of performance.

    To contribute to the effectiveness and impact of the academy’s self- evaluation and improvement planning processes, provide constructive challenge and support in respect of the quality of the self-evaluation report and school development plan, including the extent to which planning is successful in addressing the three national priorities for literacy, numeracy and reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment.

    To challenge and support the Head Teacher and LGB in their work to evaluate the impact of leadership and governance on outcomes and the capacity of the school to improve.

    To work with the Head Teacher to report objectively to the LGB the outcomes of the annual evaluation of performance providing an external perspective as required. To contribute to the development of sector-led school-to-school support by: identifying and signposting the school to the most effective practice; supporting and facilitating the development of school improvement groups and collaborative working between schools; contributing to the monitoring of the impact of sector-led school-to-school support on standards, quality and leadership.

    To provide advice and support to the LGB in the recruitment of the school’s senior leaders.

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